My Role
Brand Designer
Product Designer
Jan - Jun 2018

Designing a Fresh, Modern Brand for Rawvelo

I was approached by Rawvelo to create a full brand identity for their company from scratch. As an expert branding designer, I was tasked with developing a new logo and visual style, as well as creating brand guidelines, presentation materials, and the design of their product packaging. This included both print and digital design, with the goal of creating a cohesive, professional, and impactful brand for Rawvelo.

The Perfect Logo

I designed a logo that is organic-looking and inspired by the shape of a wheel on a bike. The symbol is rounded and has a fluid, natural feel, which reflects Rawvelo's commitment to using only the highest-quality, natural ingredients in their products. The color of the symbol is red, which represents strength and vitality, while the brand name logotype is blue, symbolizing trust and reliability.

A Cohesive Brand Identity

In addition to the logo, I also designed brand guidelines and presentation materials, as well as the full design of Rawvelo's product packaging.i officiis distinctio.

The resulting brand identity is cohesive, professional, and reflective of Rawvelo's overall personality and voice. The design effectively communicates Rawvelo's commitment to natural, healthy products for cyclists, and has helped the company stand out in a crowded market.

Full product range design

Project deliverables

  • New logo and visual style
  • Brand guidelines
  • Presentation materials
  • Product packaging design (print and digital)
  • Successful Kickstarter campaign design

A Successful Collaboration

Kickstarter banner design

Overall, my design work has been instrumental in helping Rawvelo build a strong, professional brand that resonates with their target audience and sets them apart from their competitors.