Ownify Web 3.0

My Role
Brand Designer
Aug-Sep 2020

Designing the future of the Web 3.0 industry with Ownify

Introducing Ownify, a tech startup disrupting the Web 3.0 industry with a revolutionary approach to data ownership and security. With a clear mission to give internet users back their right to control their own data. Ownify has developed a unique platform that utilizes encryption to provide secure chat, file sharing, and messaging services. As the brand's design expert, it was my task to create a visual identity that accurately reflected Ownify's values and unique approach to data security. In this case study, we will explore the design process behind the creation of Ownify's brand, including the development of their iconic logo and the creation of a cohesive visual identity.

The process

To begin the design process, I conducted extensive research to understand the Web 3.0 industry and the unique challenges that Ownify faced as a tech startup. I also carefully reviewed the project brief to ensure that I had a clear understanding of Ownify's vision and values. With this information in hand, I began sketching out potential logo concepts, exploring a range of different visual metaphors and styles.

My design sketching process

After completing several rounds of sketches, I selected the most promising concepts and refined them further using vector graphics software. These vector concepts were then presented to the Ownify team for feedback and revision. After several rounds of iteration and refinement, the final logo design emerged: a maze-like symbol with a keyhole at its center, representing the complexity and security of Ownify's encryption technology. This bold and distinctive logo became the cornerstone of Ownify's brand identity.

Visual identity

The branding identity for Ownify, a tech startup in the web 3.0 industry, has been designed to reflect the company's focus on encryption and data ownership. The logo, which features a maze and keyhole symbol, is intended to symbolize the complexity and security of the encryption technology used by the company. The modern blue gradient used in the logo adds a tech-savvy feel and reflects the company's focus on cutting-edge technology.

To expand on the logo, a full set of brand identity guidelines has been created. These guidelines outline the proper usage of the logo, including approved color palettes, typography, and imagery. They also provide guidance on tone and messaging, to ensure that all communications from the company are consistent and align with the brand's values.

In addition to the logo and brand guidelines, a full visual identity has been developed for Ownify. This includes the design of marketing materials such as business cards, website graphics, and social media assets. These materials are designed to be modern and professional, reflecting the company's focus on technology and data security.

Overall, the branding identity for Ownify is designed to be modern, tech-savvy, and professional, reflecting the company's focus on encryption and data ownership. The logo, brand guidelines, and visual identity work together to create a cohesive and consistent brand experience for customers.

UX & UI 

After establishing the visual identity for Ownify, the next step was to design the company's web platform. This included the development of a user-friendly and visually appealing interface for the various features offered by the platform, such as chatting and file sharing. The design process involved creating wireframes and prototypes to test and refine the user experience, ensuring that the platform was intuitive and easy to navigate.

The chat feature was particularly complex, as it needed to incorporate encryption technology and allow for secure messaging between users. This required careful planning and design to ensure that the user interface was clear and user-friendly, while also providing the necessary security and encryption features. The end result was a sleek and modern chat feature that provided users with a secure and enjoyable messaging experience.

Overall, the design of the web platform for Ownify was a complex and challenging process, but the end result was a user-friendly and visually appealing platform that met the needs of the company and its customers. The platform's features, including the chat and file sharing, are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it a valuable tool for anyone who values data security and encryption.