Fleetenergies rebrand

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Brand Designer
Creative director
Aug 2023- March 2024

Revitalizing Fleetenergies: Crafting a Dynamic Visual Identity for the Digital Age

From Legacy to Leading Edge: The Journey of Fleetenergies’ Brand Identity

Fleetenergies stands at the forefront of the SaaS industry, revolutionizing how fleet operators minimize energy costs and environmental impact. With a legacy built on 15 years of R&D, Fleetenergies has harnessed millions of data points daily to forge a patented technology. This innovation not only measures fuel consumption, CO2, and NOx emissions in real-time but also aligns with GLEC scope 1 and 3 carbon reporting, showcasing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Previous logo that was looking outdated, and too playful

Despite their advanced solutions, Fleetenergies faced a disconnect. Their visual identity, anchored by an outdated logo and branding, failed to mirror the sophistication and dynamism of their technology. This misalignment not only diluted their brand's message but also underserved their pioneering status in the industry.

Establishing a New Direction: Brand Positioning

Before the pencils hit the sketchpad, a vital step was undertaken to set the strategic direction for Fleetenergies' brand — brand positioning. This essential phase was about defining how Fleetenergies would stand apart in a competitive market. It was an exercise in understanding and articulating the brand’s unique value proposition, aligning it with the needs and aspirations of its target audience, and ensuring that every design choice was made with this roadmap in mind.

By identifying the brand’s core attributes, we crafted a positioning statement that acted as a North Star for the rebranding journey. It ensured that the new visual identity would not just resonate with the market but also encapsulate the brand's pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation in fleet fuel optimization.

Visuals used in the brand positioning workshop.

Sketching the Future: Conceptualizing Fleetenergies’ New Brand Identity

The journey to reimagine Fleetenergies' brand identity began with a deep dive into their core values, mission, and the innovative essence of their technology. Adopting a user-centered design approach, I embraced the Double Diamond design process, guiding my exploration and decision-making from concept to final design.

The sketching phase was an expansive field of exploration, where initial ideas were given form. Through a series of iterations, I honed in on a design that symbolized not just the essence of Fleetenergies but also the future direction of their brand. The final logo sketch depicted two trucks connected in a dynamic arrangement, forming a stylized letter "F". This not only represented Fleetenergies but also visually communicated the concept of connectivity, efficiency, and forward momentum in the fleet industry.

Ideation phase of the new logo design

After the logo sketching phase, we moved to show the client full presentation for new brand direction. This included, brand personality traits, room for growth, moodboards (one of which was more similar to their current identity, but refreshed), and different metaphors we could explore to move the brand identity into a more modern, professional SaaS experience from the current playful and outdated look.
New visual direction moodboard
Moodboard that is closer to the current identity
The metaphor behind the logo speaks volumes—embodying modernity, power, and dynamism. It serves as a beacon of Fleetenergies' innovative approach and their commitment to driving the industry forward, capturing the essence of a brand poised to redefine standards.

Reinventing the Emblem: The Fleetenergies Logo Unveiled

The new Fleetenergies logo marks a significant departure from its predecessor — a symbol that was both a literal and figurative vehicle for change. At its core, two sleek trucks come together, creating a negative space that forms the letter "F," signifying the brand’s focus on fleet efficiencies and environmental responsibility. The fusion of these elements represents the unity and forward momentum of Fleetenergies' innovative approach. With its clean lines and progressive design, the logo conveys modernity and dynamism, positioning the brand as a leader in technology-driven fleet management.

The new logo for the new era of Fleetenergies brand

Beyond a Logo: Building a Cohesive Brand Identity for Fleetenergies and Its Sub-Brands

The new logo was just the beginning. The development of a dynamic color palette followed, designed to not only enhance the brand's visual identity but also to provide the flexibility needed to distinguish between Fleetenergies and its sub-brands: RilcoFuel, Rilco2, and RilcoAI. This strategic choice in color scheme facilitated a visual harmony across all brand touchpoints, while allowing each sub-brand to maintain its unique identity within the overarching brand ecosystem.

New visual identity book

The implementation phase was a meticulous process of applying the new brand identity across all touchpoints—website redesign, marketing materials, brand illustrations, and the SaaS UI. Each application was carefully considered to ensure that the brand’s new identity was not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly, enhancing the overall user experience.

Designing Comprehensive Brand Assets and Illustrations for a new web layout

To further solidify Fleetenergies' refreshed brand identity, a comprehensive suite of brand assets and web illustrations was developed. These assets were meticulously designed to reflect the core principles of the brand while ensuring a seamless integration into the digital experience. From icon sets to infographic elements, each piece was crafted to enhance user engagement and convey complex information in an intuitive and visually compelling manner.

Illustration of the UI for marketing section
Illustration of the SaaS features
Detail of the new website UI
Isometric graphics
Detail from the new website design

Conclusion: The Impact of Rebranding

The transformation of Fleetenergies' brand identity marked a significant milestone in their journey. The feedback from the client and their customers was overwhelmingly positive, with the new identity being praised for its modernity, relevance, and the clarity it brought to the brand's message. This rebranding has not only aligned Fleetenergies' visual identity with their state-of-the-art technology but also positioned them strongly for future growth.

The success of this project underscores the power of thoughtful design in conveying a brand's essence and ambitions. It was a privilege to lead Fleetenergies through this transformative journey, crafting a visual identity that truly reflects their role as innovators in the fleet management industry.