The Echelon

My Role
Product Designer
Brand Designer
July-Sept 2019

Crafting a Sophisticated Brand for Echelon Apartments in New York City

I was approached by Echelon, an upscale apartment complex in Brooklyn, New York, to help them develop a new brand identity. As a branding designer, I was tasked with creating a new logo and visual style, as well as designing a branding book and various marketing materials. The goal was to create a brand that was luxurious, high-end, and elegant, reflective of the upscale lifestyle offered by Echelon's apartments.

Overcoming Challenges to Create a Luxurious, High-End Brand for Echelon

Creating something that was unique, minimalistic, and luxurious.

One of the key challenges I faced when designing a brand identity for Echelon was creating something that was unique, minimalistic, and luxurious. Echelon wanted their brand to stand out in a crowded market and reflect the upscale lifestyle offered by their apartments, so I needed to come up with a design that was sophisticated, high-end, and memorable.

  • Design memorable logo
  • Expand to a full identity
  • Design of a brand book

Elegant way of living

To overcome this challenge, I drew inspiration from brands in the hotel and technology industries, such as Apple, which are known for their minimalist, luxurious designs.

I also used my expertise in branding to develop a design process that focused on creating a cohesive, professional brand that would reflect Echelon's upscale image.

Design of a street signage
The process
The Echelon Logo mark

One of the key components of this process was the design of the logo, which I wanted to be memorable and reflective of Echelon's brand attributes. I ultimately settled on a minimalistic, elegant symbol that represents a building, which I paired with a sleek, serif font to create a cohesive, high-end aesthetic. The resulting logo is unique, sophisticated, and reflective of Echelon's luxurious brand.

After the look of the logo was finalized we moved to expand this into a full brand identity. This later drived our decisions when creating print, and digital products.

Details from the design of the brand guides

Brochure and tall building banner design
Brochure cover
Flyer design